Why Swaddling Blankets Are So Important For Newborns

5 August 2021
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There are so many different factors that you need to take into consideration and worry about when a baby has just been born, from the amount of milk they have to their sleeping schedule and all the early doctor's appointments you need to make. It is easy to miss a few things here and there if you are a new parent, especially because they don't give you a handbook or anything to guide you through these first few months! However, one thing you really cannot forget about is your swaddling blankets. Here are a few reasons why swaddling blankets form such a key role in the formative months of your baby's life.

Reduces Chance Of SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a dreaded term to every parent and something most people take immense precautions against. Swaddling blankets have been shown to reduce SIDS in studies although some of the reasons behind this are still unknown. There are theories ranging from the reduction in the chance of a baby suffocating on loose bedding to the baby not being able to roll on their tummy, which is the far more dangerous position for them to sleep in. Whatever the case may be, at this point swaddling blankets are a helpful tool in the fight against this terrible syndrome.


Babies need to be kept warm when they are sleeping, and they do not quite have the same thermal efficiency as fully grown adults do, so this needs to be helped with swaddling blankets and warm pyjamas. Swaddling blankets by their very nature stimulate warmth because they are tighter than average blankets, and they also do not let heat escape easily either. This keeps your baby nice and warm when they are trying to sleep no matter whether it is the dead of winter or the middle of summer. Just make sure that if it is summer you reduce the amount of internal clothing so the baby doesn't overheat. 

Easy To Use

Swaddling blankets are not just important for the babies, but also for the mothers, fathers, and parents who have to look after them as well. They are easy to put on and are simple to wash so that any unfortunate accidents don't linger. They also soothe babies to sleep a lot easier than traditional blankets so they give the parents more time to rest themselves, without having to calm down a crying baby. The more energy you have, the better care you can provide your baby when they wake up!