Promotional Bag Ideas For A Local Bookstore

16 August 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

While any type of organization can order custom promotional bags to give out to people, there are some organizations for which bags can be a perfect fit. If you run a local bookstore, you may wish to explore the idea of having promotional bags available. You might not want to give a bag to every person who enters your store, though. Instead, one option is to give bags to those who spend a certain amount of money shopping with you. Here are some ideas that you'll want to think about if you're interested in pursuing this idea.

Type Of Bag

When you contact a company that provides promotional bags for customization, you'll see that there are many different bag types to consider. For your business, it makes sense to order something that is sturdy. The expectation is that those who receive your bags will use them to carry the books that they've just bought, and you don't want something lightweight that could potentially tear in a short amount of time. Don't be afraid to ask someone with the promotional company to identify which bags can handle the most weight.

Catchy Slogan

While you'll obviously want your branding information to appear on at least one side of the bag, think about adorning the other side with some type of catchy slogan about books or reading. If you design this slogan to be easy to see from afar, more people will be able to see it. Reading the slogan may prompt some of them to think about reading and, ideally, decide to visit your bookstore when they see your branding details on the bag. Think about what slogans you've occasionally used for your store's marketing, and pick one that you feel will work well on a bag.

Discount Offer

Another option that you can consider for your promotional bags is to give customers a small discount on their order when they arrive at your store with their bag. Someone who enters your store already carrying one of your bags is a repeat customer, and you may like the idea of rewarding this loyalty. Instead of customers using coupons for discounts, the bag itself can serve as a unique coupon. When your cashier sees the customer holding the bag, they can take a certain percentage — even just 5 percent — off the customer's bill. This may encourage the customer to continue shopping with you.